History and Origin of Mother’s Day

History and Origin of Mother’s Day : With a life full of variables, there are only a handful of things that stick with us until the very end. One such entity that is a constant for most of us, throughout our life is our mother. She has been around through the thick and the thin, she has been there, when you were good, she was there, when you were bad, in a nutshell, she has been there whenever you needed her. In order to honour these big hearted women and their motherhood, the world celebrates her every year, on Mother’s Day.

Mothers influencing the society:
Mothers influence not only their household, but also the entire society in their own little-big way. The contribution they make to their household and children helps to shape and structure the basic morals, values and beliefs of the society at large. Their contribution in building prosperous future generations is mandatorily noticeable and also commended. This is the very reason that we today respect and honour the Mother and celebrate her motherhood, contributions and sacrifices on Mother’s Day. This is the day amongst all the others that you show her the love and respect she deserves, may be a little extra and most importantly make her feel special.

Mother’s Day :
Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the world and the occasion is held between the months of March and May. It is after the Mother’s Day celebrations started that other similar celebrations such as Father’s Day, Daughter’s Day, Sibling’s Day and others came to be held and celebrated. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the United States of America in the earlier end of the 20th century.

The American Mother’s Day celebrations, which is more popularly followed throughout the world are not derived or influenced by the other handful of celebrations honouring mothers in other parts of the world. Examples of such celebrations include the Cybele by the Greek, Hilaria by the Romans, the Mothering Sunday by the Christians, etc. These celebrations are mainly the commemorations done by the Mother Church and not the celebration of motherhood. Celebrations of Mothers in the world today have become synonymous to the American Mother’s Day celebration.