How To Stop Whining And Learn To Love Being A Mother

Before giving birth, most mothers have an idealized view of what motherhood will be like. They envision quiet evenings snuggling close to them the lives that they have created. Or they might envision watching the proud dad bounce the baby on his knee while both proud parents laugh together. Adorable clothing will look great on the baby, friends and family will be supportive, and all will be well in the world of motherhood. Of course this is all a very naive way to view motherhood but it’s something that many new mothers do and there’s nothing inherently selfish or unhealthy about it.

The trouble comes in after the baby is born and all of these idealized visions of motherhood come crashing down in a fit of loud crying, dirty diapers, and fathers that must work most of the time. Juggling work and motherhood can be another difficult fact of life for some mothers who must also work to make sure that a financial crisis doesn’t come about because of the birth of the little one. Financial troubles are another thing that can quickly dampen the fairytale like hopes for motherhood.

So how does a new mother come to terms with the reality over the fantasy and still have enough hope left over to realize that she’s still done something amazing by bringing another life into the world? There’s plenty new mothers can do to grow into the loving occupation that is raising a child. Make no mistake, it’s never going to be a bed of roses but with a little determination and a shift in attitude to accept the reality of motherhood, mothers can quickly learn to love their job.

New Motherhood Attitudes

1. Stop expecting motherhood to be all about you! After all, you’re raising an entirely new life here from scratch and that little one is as much a part of your motherhood as you are. You’re going to have to concede a few things in this partnership, the first being that your baby’s needs aren’t always going to be pleasant for you. But they will ALWAYS be pleasant for your baby. When you’re tired in the middle of the night, feeding that baby, just remember there are two of you there, and that baby is loving every bit of interaction you’re getting together. In fact, the baby’s life depends on what you’re doing. Learn to look down at your little one and instead of wishing it would finish eating and go to sleep, lovingly think of how these moments are never going to occur again and that your child is benefiting every minute of this uncomfortable moment for you.

2. Taking care of a new baby can seem like all work but sometimes you need to mix things up a bit and make sure that the baby, from a very early age, gets some form of play. You need that kind of play, too. Don’t be afraid to laugh even before your baby can hear or make funny faces even before it can see. Why? Because those are YOUR memories! And every moment that work time feels like play time gives you all that much more to love about motherhood.

3. Learn to ask for help. If you’re going to learn to love being a mother, you need all the help you can get. There won’t always be someone around to help but make sure that you have a small army of supportive people who can give you a slight breather here and there. If you and dad both work, encourage him to share equal responsibilities or at least many responsibilities. While some mothers have a hard time passing their child to someone else for help, it’s absolutely essential to your well-being. You can love your motherhood era a lot more when you have helpers.

Now get out there and love being a mother!

These are small suggestions and of course there are many others that will help you on the way. The fact that you’re reading this shows how much you already love being a mother. That’s right. Even if you’re struggling, you’re up reading about how to get better at being a mother, and it takes a lot of love for a tired mom to get online and get tips on how to be better at her job as a mom.

Now that you know you already love being a mother, learn to express it more in your everyday life and rest assured that your baby is benefiting every step of the way.

What Happens to a Woman’s Brain When She Becomes a Mother

“Don’t mind me. I just have ‘Pregnancy Brain’”. How many times have you heard a woman use this phrase to excuse their hyperemotional behaviors or unusual cravings during pregnancy? Let’s get this out in the open right now. Ladies, there is no shame in feeling. Pregnant, period, or bad day, there is absolutely no shame in having emotions. Allowing emotions to control you is one thing—one negative thing—but experiencing them and letting them inform you is a healthy form of human existence.

Now—after your daily affirmation–let’s get to the crux of what made you click the bait in the first place. “Pregnancy Brain” is actually a thing! It is not a myth or a “state of mind”. It is a genuine physiological alteration that takes place in the female mind when she conceives a child. The human brain is renowned for its plasticity in evolution, but the physiological changes it undergoes do not halt at DNA transfers. Our individual brains are created to morph throughout our entire lives. It does not all stop when we turn 26 and growth in gray matter size suddenly ceases. Even crazier? Gray matter actually shrinks in a new mother at conception! No need for frenzy, though. Studies show pregnancy is not the only time the human mind shrinks. Its first experience in shrinkage occurs during puberty. Not to worry. It is not size that matters, but quality. Right? Right. According to biology, anyway.

When the brain shrinks during puberty, the hormones released rewire the brain’s structure and overall organization system to prime children for adulthood. This is a refined pruning process designed specifically to sculpt the brain for undertaking new challenges. So, it really is a mystery why the brain feels the need to restructure itself for motherhood. I mean, where’s the challenge in growing a human, and keeping said human healthy, happy, and generally alive? Psh. Who needs a more efficient mind?
All of us. Just all of us.

While the overall size of the brain compacts during pregnancy, the postpartum amygdala—the little almond-shaped portion in charge of emotion regulation—expands to produce extra legions of hormones which promote empathy. This hypersensitivity helps the mother to connect with her child. It allows her to bond with the child’s signals so she can better anticipate his or her needs. This expansion also creates stronger memory pathways so the mother will learn faster and more deeply. An enhanced amygdala also regulates the positive feedback loop to promote the growth and reinforcement of mothering behaviors.

This enhanced desire to protect and provide exponentially explains why some women experience increased bouts of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, especially during the first months after their child’s arrival. The symptoms vary from woman to woman but often range from constantly washing hands to fanatically monitoring the baby’s breathing. During these times, women need extra assurance that they are providing well for their child. This will not only ease their worries but create a more relaxed environment for everyone. This behavior promotes a healthier upbringing for the child and an enhanced period of growth for the parents. However, when displayed in a balanced manner, this empathy and overt protective instinct will promote a solid bond between partners and their children.

Not only is heightened empathy a necessary component of successful mothering, but it is literally hardwired into our brains from birth. I’m not talking the birth of your child. I mean you, your birth. Both male and female minds are supported by a socio-cognitive system of neurons which are specifically developed during parenthood. Men typically engage the paternal part of this system in the early years of parenthood. The female mind, however, is naturally predisposed to motherhood–female mothers, who knew, right? MRI scans show that women possess a collection of hormones in their brains which are specifically meant for release at conception, throughout pregnancy, and for up to two years after the birth of each child.

Studies of the female brain throughout the cycle of becoming a new mother are fairly young themselves. The research by Hoekzema and her cohorts suggest that further changes might even take place after the two years they’ve observed. However, a larger sample of women at varying stages in their lives are needed to conduct more thorough research. For now though, the groundbreaking work done observing the female mind throughout pregnancy has answered many questions regarding the parental behavioral differences—and similarities—in men and women. It just needs a little more gestation.

Mothers and Part Time Las Vegas Escorts

It can be hard to make ends meet, whoever you are, even when you hold a full time job. This is particularly true for mothers who have children and responsibilities to take care of, and doubly true for single mothers who don’t have a man to rely on for a steady paycheck. Many mothers will say that they are willing to make any sacrifice that they can for their children but fail to see one of the easiest ways to pull in significant amounts of money; escorting which can be done on your schedule and in whatever quantity you feel comfortable with.

Escorting in Las Vegas

One of the biggest negatives for escorts is the potential legal repercussions of doing so. Across most of the country escorting is illegal and there are penalties associated with it that many mothers are not willing to take. Mothers may have their children taken into protection services in many areas if they are arrested for prostitution even if they are merely looking to support their children. Nevada is the exception as prostitution is legal here. Las Vegas therefore provides mothers with the ability to make money through escorting without the legal repercussions for doing so.

Making Money During Your Down Time

The big advantage of escorting for moms is that it is easy for a milf making money to fit this job into their lifestyle. If your kids are a way at school for a few hours during the day you can often fit it in then. Alternatively if nights are free and you have a babysitter then you can escort at night. Escorting can be part or full time work depending on your needs and availability and that is one of the big advantages of escorting.

Financial Lucrative World of Escorting

While becoming strippers or private dancers are a more common route for milf making money, escorting is easier and more lucrative. The idea that you need to be gorgeous models (runway escorts) is wrong. Normal looking mothers can earn a decent business though your rate and earnings will be impacted by your appearance and runway escorts will potentially earn more, given other items and factors being stable. Escorting can pay for your rent and living expenses and allow you to put away some safety money. It can also allow you to set up college accounts for your children.

Las Vegas attracts a lot of money as a center for business conferences and gambling money, as well as a lot of nightlife. Many men are attracted to MILFs and have specific fetishes for this motherly look and personality. While MILFs can make money in many ways in Vegas such as becoming strippers or private dancers, becoming one of a vast network of Las Vegas escorts can truly provide you with the financing you need to become financially stable.

Finding A Niche in a Competitive Market

Despite the ease of becoming one of the Las Vegas escorts out there, there is a lot of competition and a MILF will need to either join an escort agency to assist them in marketing themselves, or will need to market themselves on their own. While there may be a greater demand for younger women who are escorting, many older men feel more comfortable visiting a mother or other part time escort in Las Vegas who is closer to their age. In addition, many have big interests in visiting and having sex with a MILF. Instead of pretending to be younger than you are, it may be a good idea to market yourself as a niche fantasy – the horny housewife or sex starved MILF and play to those fantasies.

Other Part Time Vegas Escorts

Of course, part time escort work is not limited to mothers. Anybody can become a part time escort including those who are visiting the city for a short time or students. Part time escort work can be pleasurable and lucrative but also has many risks that escorts need to be cognizant of and take into account in order to protect themselves. Be aware of the risks, research and perform diligence on clients such as checking their references before accepting them as clients, and developing a safety method such as using and texting with a driver and bodyguard to limit your risk.

Part time escort work can help many people including mothers to have their financial ends meet. Try escort work to earn some side money with a limited time investment and build yourself a real financial safety net for you and your children.

5 New Mom Stresses — and How to Relieve Them

Being a new mom can be exhausting mentally and physically. Although you are overjoyed that your newborn is finally here, you may also be feeling stressed out; but who could blame you? There are sleepless nights, you have to make time for family, you have to handle your household duties, you struggle to lose your baby weight, and you’re new to taking care of a baby. If you are a first-time mom, hopefully, I can relieve some stress by giving you some advice and coping tips.

Sleep Deprivation

While pregnant, you probably heard friends or relatives say, “Sleep while you can, because you won’t when your baby arrives!” You may have thought they were exaggerating, but surprise! They were absolutely right.
Now that the baby is here, everybody seems to say the same thing: sleep when the baby sleeps. This may work for some moms, but many other moms find this advice to be no good. While your baby is napping, you may want to do laundry or get some alone time. Maybe you find it hard to wind down while the sun is out. Either way, you can still get rest without napping. You could feed your baby one night, then ask your hubby to feed the next night. You can also push back your bedtime by a few hours and try to fall asleep when your baby does. You can also ask your hubby to take care of the baby in the morning, giving you 1-2 extra hours of sleep.

Family Time

Now that the baby is here, you will be spending most of your days with them. This can be stressful, especially when your hubby wants some attention. You can plan a day out of every week to do family things; after the baby is asleep, maybe you can order a nice meal and enjoy it with your partner. If you want to spend time with other family members, maybe ask your partner to watch the baby while you spend time with them. You could even hire a babysitter for one day each week while you do family things. Never feel guilty for wanting a break, every momma needs one!

Keeping Up With Household Chores

Messy house, dirty laundry, a sink full of dishes; don’t let it stress you out! Ask your partner to do some chores if you do not have the energy, or maybe a relative who would be more than happy to help you. You could also hire a house cleaner once in a while. If you do not sleep while your baby is napping, you could do a little bit of cleaning. Each time your child takes a nap, clean for 15 minutes and by the end of the day your chores will be almost complete. If you don’t feel like cleaning, don’t sweat it! If any visitors stop by your house, they’ll understand why your house doesn’t look perfect.

Stubborn Baby Weight

If you’re feeling insecure about your body after giving birth, there are a few things you can do to lose the baby weight. You shouldn’t try to do a 30-45 minute long exercise, instead do 10 minutes of exercise periodically throughout the day. If you would like to go to your local gym, maybe ask your hubby to watch the baby while you go to the gym or while you go for a walk. If unhealthy eating is a problem, try buying healthier dinners and snacks. Instead of snacking on chips, you could eat fruit or a granola bar. Also, drink more water and cut out soda from your diet (not entirely). A soda or two a week will not hurt you. Use these tips and you will get to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time!

Simply Being a First-Time Mom

Why is my baby crying? Does she need to be fed? Does she need a diaper change? Am I doing things right? No mom is perfect, although we all strive to be. Things may be rough at first but always trust your instincts! Whatever you think is best for your child, do it. Things will be hard at first, but you will eventually adjust to your new life as a mom. People will tell you what worked for their child, people will tell you what to do or what not to do. Always do what your gut tells you, after all, you know your child better than anyone else!