11 Amazing Facts about Mothers Day & Celebration in the US

Mother's Day Facts

Mothers Day Facts – We as a kid are very much excited and happy to celebrate Mothers Day, which will be celebrated this year on 14th May 2017. Each and Every Year the day falls on Second Sunday, which is an official holiday in the United States. The relation between mom and kid is eternal nursed with a lot of love, care, and emotion. So Mothers Day is usually meant to appreciate and acknowledges the mother’s deed and sacrifices towards family and her beloved kids. There are many astonishing and amazing facts about Mothers Day and its celebration in the US which we have elaborated in this article.

Mother's Day Facts
Mother’s Day Facts

Facts about Mothers Day & Celebration

  1. “Mothering Sunday” is celebrated and enjoyed from 16th Century which is considered as a precursor to the modern Mothers Day. Earlier the day was observed on Fourth Sunday of Lent in Europe when people return to their “mother church” which evolved as the secular observances honoring mothers.
  2. Mothers Day was founded by Anna Jarvis from the United States when she decided to honor her mother in the year 1908. She died three years prior and had organized “Mothers Friendship Day” in 1868 to improve the conditions of the soldiers on both sides during the civil war.
  3. Mothers Day was declared as a national holiday with the proclamation signed by President Woodrow Wilson in the year 1914. Senators from both the sides of the aisle were not impressed with his idea at first. New Hampshire Senator Jacob Gallinger, a Republican found the idea of limiting the celebration of his mother to just one day which is more of insulting.
  4. Jarvis hated the idea of celebrating the mother day surrounded by commercialization. It was in the year 1920 she openly urged people to stop buying flowers and gifts to mothers on Mothers Day. She even regretted about creating the holiday and was arrested for protesting Mothers Day.
  5. Mothers Day is the third most popular holiday in the world after Christmas and Easter in the United States. Japanese celebrate Mothers Day as the birthday of the Empress Kojun’s Birthday, which has also become commercialized as that of the American Mothers Day.
  6. Jarvis wanted the Mothers Day to be named as Mother’s Day not Mothers’ Day, to honor each individual mother and not all mothers.
  7. According to report people of America spend around $ 1.9 billion annually on flowers for Mothers Day, where 69% percent gifts comprise of flowers. Also during the event, 13% percent of Moms buy themselves flowers.
  8. According to the Hallmark, a gift card manufacturing company, during the Mothers Day occasion, 133 million cards are exchanged annually, making it the third-largest card sending holiday in the United States.
  9. It is on Mothers Day people wish and greet each other, which leads to an increase in the number of phone calls up to 37%.
  10. Around the nation, moms receive the following gifts on this special day: Greeting Cards: 82 percent, Flowers: 65 percent, Dinner: 52 percent, Gift Card: 34 percent, Clothes: 28 percent, Jewellery: 26 percent, CD/Books: 21 percent, Housewares: 15 percent, Personal Care: 14 percent, Electronics: 9 percent.
  11. All around the world, mothers have their own version of Mothers Day which is celebrated at different times in the year.

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